8 CW Television Shows That Are Actually Based on Movies

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Ever finish watching a movie feeling totally unfulfilled because the story simply wasn’t over yet? Duh — we’ve all been there. Every once in a while, The CW answers people’s prayers and takes your favorite movies and adapts them for television, which means there is now hours upon hours of new footage and new story lines for our favorite characters!

While some movies were so popular that they overshadowed their TV remake, others were total box-office bombs that turned into wildly popular television series. We decided to include not only CW shows, but also shows that were on The CW before it was called “The CW” (A.K.A. when it was The WB; THROWBACK) so that you can reminisce on some oldies-but-goodies. We’ll also reveal some future shows that they’ve got cookin’ in The CW headquarters that are based on some film CLASSICS (hint: one is the best love story EVER).