10 Dramatic CW Television Shows That Are All Based on Comic Books

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While a lot of The CW’s hit TV shows have been original programs (i.e. Reign and One Tree Hill), most of the time the network’s execs like to look elsewhere to find inspiration. We’ve seen them roll out goodies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (back when The CW was The WB) and Frequency, which were based on movies. Other times we’ve watched as stories go from being novels to small-screen hits — like when we were blessed with The Vampire Diaries and The 100!

So if The CW executives already looked at movies and books to come up with shows, where else can they go when they hit a creative wall? Comics, of course! While you may think this is a new trend at our fave teen-centric network… think again! In fact, higher-ups at The CW have been taking graphic novels and making them live-action series for YEARS now.