6 CW Spin-Offs That Weren’t as Good as the Original TV Show

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Everybody knows that The CW loves a good spin-off show. The Arrow-verse (superhero shows existing in the same universe starting with Arrow) currently has four connected shows, including The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. (FYI, Supergirl didn’t make the cut here because it didn’t technically start as a spin-off; the first season aired on CBS and Season 2 joined Arrow-verse) and there’s already talk of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off coming out of Riverdale‘s success. Even back when The CW was called The WB, the network couldn’t resist giving David Boreanaz‘s character, Angel, his own Buffy the Vampire Slayer offshoot television series.

While spin-off shows are, in theory, a bomb.com idea because it means getting to see more of your fave characters every week… in actuality, they typically suck. Oops! Generally, the spin-off just can’t live up to the expectations that the OG drama or comedy. Heck, that’s probably why Gossip Girl‘s almost-prequel show was killed after airing the pilot episode! We’ve already documented how this sad-spin-off-show trend manifested on the Disney Channel, so it only makes sense that we would round it up again for our other favorite network. The CW, this needs to stop! With another spin-off show apparently in the works for The Vampire Diaries and the Sabrina one, too, the network execs need to realize this isn’t a good idea before it’s too late.