Which Of Our Fave CW Shows Are Coming Back Next Season?!

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It’s that time of year again. The time when all the head honchos at all the big TV networks decide which shows come back and which get the ax. Ouch. And luckily for us, tons of our fave dramas on The CW got picked up. Phew! Because we’re pretty sure we’d die without our weekly fix of VD love triangles and UES drams…

So, which shows are in and which just might be totally dunzo?

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Gossip Girl, 90210, America’s Next Top Model and the network’s most watched show, The Vampire Diaries are coming back. Yay! As for One Tree Hill getting a season 9, and Hellcats and Nikita making it to round 2? No word yet but our fingers are crossed.

Which show are you most excited to see come back? And which show do you wish would just go away? Tell us in the comments!