11 Pairs of The CW Female Co-Stars Who Were Actually Roommates

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A lot of co-stars — both past and present — have given the whole living-with-each-other thing a try. Some notable famous co-star roommates include Lea Michele & Dianna Agron, when they first started out on Glee, Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick, when they were filming Gossip Girl, even Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien & Tyler Hoechlin, during the early days of Teen Wolf. But, after a bit of research, we think there’s one network that has the most co-star roommates ever: The CW.

Sure, we haven’t researched all the other television networks just yet, but we already looked at Disney Channel, and there were a bunch of Disney roomie pairings, but not all of them were co-stars. In this particular case, there are at least 11 pairs… and ALL of them are co-stars… and that’s only counting girl-girl duos! Check ’em out — you might be surprised by a few: