9 of the Most Adorable Interracial Queer Couples on Teen Television Shows

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Just 50 years ago, it was actually ILLEGAL in some places in the U.S. for people of two different races or ethnicities to get married. We’ve thankfully come to a point in our society where it seems that anyone who could possibly have a problem with interracial dating is completely racist and effed up. Even so, when it comes to the representation of couples in the media nowadays, it still seems that — for the most part — characters are typically coupled up with people of the same race. WTF is up with that?

However, there is one section of the media that continually dares to break stereotypes and show more diversity to young audiences — teen television shows. In the past few years, there has been a genuine push to get a variety of identities portrayed on screen. While it’s great to see queer people of color get more opportunities in general, it’s even better to see them in happy and healthy relationships. Keep reading to see nine completely adorable interracial couples on your fave series that show #loveisloveislove!