12 Cute School Supplies That Will Actually Keep You Organized

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Organized people are absolutely fascinating. You mean to tell me that there are people out there who don’t lose track of all their new pencils within the first few days of the school year? People out there who always remember when they have an assignment due? People out there who don’t use their desk as a storage facility for everything from clothes, to binders, to loose change, to loose tampons? As someone who has been chronically disorganized for as long as I can remember, I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be one of those amazingly efficient people. But I can at least try to be, and with the right tools, the prospect of having a dedicated place for all of my school supplies and desk necessities is in reach.

Whether your locker looks like a hellhole or you’re the queen of organization, we can all admit that being neat and orderly is a lot more appealing when you can do it in style. That’s why I want you guys to check out these 12 cute school supplies that will actually keep you organized. From gorgeous planners to sleek folders, you’ll find something that you’ll want ASAP:

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