10 Struggles Only Curvy Girls Will Understand

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Skinny girls have problems they face every day, but curvy girls also have struggles that are just as real! If you’ve been blessed with a large chest, small waist and ample hips and thighs, you’re not Kim Kardashian; You simply just identify with the problem she faces on a daily basis! Here are some:

1. You don’t understand the hype around thigh gaps. And you spend way too much time trying to understand why people are so obsessed with them.

2. Pants never fit right. If they fit your hips/butt, they gap at the waist.

Rewards 4 Moms

Rewards 4 Moms

3. And speaking of pants, you can NEVER wear low rise jeans. Thank god that trend is over!

4. If you try to accentuate your curves, people accuse of trying to be Kim Kardashian. Uh, it’s called flattering your shape…

5. Outfits always end up looking inappropriate. Va-va-voom!

6. Your figure solicits tons of inappropriate cat-calls. Simply walking down the street can garner all sorts of horrific responses.

7. Shorts end up awkwardly riding up in between your thighs. Meaning you’re constantly pulling at your front-wedgie.


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8. Finding leggings that cover everything is a challenge. Can’t SOMEONE make leggings that are actually black and not see through?!

9. You’re constantly adjusting. Whether you’re fixing your bra strap, pulling up your pants, or re-cinching your waist, you’re ALWAYS fiddling.

Black Hair Media

Black Hair Media

10. You’ve spent WAY too much money on alterations. Life would be so much easier (and cheaper) if you didn’t need bring everything you own to a tailor.

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