15 Struggles Only People With Naturally Curly Hair Understand

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Having shiny, luscious beach curls is many people’s dream. But all those out there who were cursedblessed with naturally curly, frizzy, out-of-control locks know that Hollywood’s definition of curly hair is not what happens IRL.

Don’t get us wrong — sometimes having curly hair totally rocks! But a lot of the time it’s one huge headache. To all the curly-haired people of the world, we feel your pain! Here are some struggles everyone with curly hair deals with on the regular:

1. Humidity is your worst nightmare. This means that summer is eternally the season of messy buns and frizz.

2. Doing nothing to your hair once you get out of the shower isn’t an option. You have to put at least a half a bottle of mousse in it so it’s somewhat manageable.

3. And neither is going to bed with a wet head. Unless you want to wake up looking like the swamp person, of course.

4. No matter how cute they are, you can never get bangs. And if you do, you immediately regret your decision when they start to curl and get two inches shorter than what you wanted.

5. Your conditioner always runs out before your shampoo. This is a phenomenon not many people understand. But for curly-haired people, moisture is your best friend.

6. Styling products also run out super quickly, meaning that you’re constantly buying more. Having curly hair is expensive!

7. Switching up your hairstyle requires time, dedication and extreme patience. Want to straighten your hair every so often? Cool! Just make sure you have an extra two hours to spare before you start.

8. And even when you do straighten your hair, the curls can never be fully suppressed. WHY, FLYAWAY CURLS?! WHY?!

9. People have compared your hair to a lion’s mane thinking it’s such a clever joke. Uh, thanks, but it’s not.

10. Food falls in your hair at least once a meal. By the time you finish eating, there’s probably enough crumbs stuck in your curls to have leftovers tomorrow.

11. One gust of wind is all it takes for a good hair day to turn into a bad hair day. Seriously, though…

12. When people ask you for a brush it’s difficult not to laugh in their faces. Does it LOOK like I can get a brush could get through this?

13. You’ve had your hair pulled more times than you can count. Yes, watching a curl bounce back is cute the first time, but it IS attached to a scalp, you know!

14. If one drop of rain falls on your head it’s all over. Say goodbye to any hairdo you had that day.

15. No matter what, there’s always ONE curl that has a mind of it’s own. And no amount of product, water, or prayer can make it do what you want.



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