12 Easy Prom Updo Hacks, Tips and Tricks Perfect for Girls With Curly Hair

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While many people dream of having gorgeous, curly locks, being a girl with natural curls is tough. Between the constant tangles, eternal frizz, and endless amounts of broken hair ties, there is always something annoying to deal with when you have thick ringlets adorning your head. But even though you may not be the biggest fan of your curls, and always have the urge to straighten ’em, especially for a fancy occasion, we say you should embrace those bad boys a la Tori Kelly and rock you natural locks for your prom night! Don’t think you can actually get a classy ‘do with curls? These hacks will prove you SO wrong:

1. This low ‘bun’ doesn’t retire ANY hair skill whatsoever:

2. A pair of messy braids twisted together results in this classy look:

3. Not the best braider but still like the style? Try this twisted pony!

4. A high ponytail manipulated slightly can easily turn into this chic high bun:

5. A sparkly hair pin really adds some glamour to a messy chignon:

6. What’s better than one bun? Two wrapped around each other, of course!

7. Embrace a bit of frizz by letting your natural curls go free in a braided ponytail:

8. Feel pretty confident with you braiding ability? Try your hand at these intricate braids and watch your friends react with aw:

9. Four messy braids done in naturally curly hair are the start to a super-unique style:

10. It’s all about the twists for this ‘do:

11. Simply pin random curls over each other and voila!

12. If you’re a fan of wearing your hair down, throw a braid in and call it a day!

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