5SOS Guy’s GF Shades Arzaylea for Buying Followers After Cheating Scandal

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Arzaylea Rodriguez has kept pretty quiet since rumors started to swirl that she cheated on Luke Hemmings and ultimately caused their breakup. Sure, the ~model~ occasionally posts a picture with a lengthy, slightly confusing caption, but her Instagram-upload pace is no where NEAR what it used to be. Pair this with the fact that she, ya know, was probably not faithful to a celebrity with millions of young girls supporting him, and it makes sense that she was losing followers pretty rapidly. But suddenly, the 22-year-old went from have 466,000 to 475,000 followers on Instagram in basically a blink of an eye. Weird, right?

A lot of people accuse stars of purchasing fake IG accounts to up their follower count, but NGL — Arz’s newbies are definitely a bit sketchy.

Will we ever know for sure if Arzaylea actually bought followers in the wake of the cheating scandal? Probably not. But what we DO know is that Crystal Leigh, Michael Clifford‘s girlfriend who USED to be the brunette’s close friend, seems to be pretty sure this is what’s happening.


CL’s diss comes exactly one week after Halsey seriously shaded the 5SOS guy’s ex, proving that basically no one in the 20-year-old’s circle is a fan of Arz.

Add this to the list of feuds Arzaylea’s gotten into in recent months: