Need To Keep a Baby from Crying? NBD, Just Play Some Notorious B.I.G (Video)

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Notorious BIG Crying Baby“Biggie biggie biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes your words just shush the baby!” If you’re ever like, babysitting your little cousins or neighbor or whatever, here’s a good thing to keep in mind — rap music soothes. Just look at this little kiddo, for example. She’s fussy and pissy and screaming her lungs off until her daddy puts on some Notorious B.I.G tunes. (FYI, youngsters, he was a famous rapper in the ’90s.) And look? It shuts her up as if there was a mute button on a remote. Perfection:

Cute, right? Does rap music calm you down, too? What’s your fave cute baby vid? Below is where to go, and be sure to check out more super funny videos!