11 Celebrities Who Definitely Have a Bad Case of Bieber Fever

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If you’re anything like us, your crush on Justin Bieber was pretty immediate, and as soon as you heard “One Time” on the radio back in 2009, you were a smitten kitten. Considering it’s been almost 10 years since the pop star first rose to fame, you’ve probably met several other people who share your ~feelings~ for the “Sorry” singer, but did you know that a lot of celebrities have actually admitted to crushing on him, too?

That’s right, fam! Over the last decade, several celebs have come clean about their battle with Bieber Fever, and honestly… we get it. Unfortunately, all of our hopes and dreams crashed and burned last month when the news surfaced of his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, but that’s neither here nor there. curious to find out which celebs have been crushing hard over JB? We’ve got ’em all right here: