13 Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Memes That Will Make Your Tummy Hurt from LOLing

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Getting an airport named after you is a HUGE freakin’ deal that not many people ever achieve. When Portugal’s Madeira Airport became Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport in honor of famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo last week, however, all talk of honor was replaced by jokes about one particular statue. The 32-year-old Real Madrid player was presented with a bronze bust that was meant to look just like him, but rather looked…uhhhmmm…a little bit interesting.

Getty Images/Octavio Passos/ Getty Images Sport

Getty Images/Octavio Passos/ Getty Images Sport

If you don’t know what Cristiano looks like IRL, please Google it — it’s absolutely NOTHING like this sculpture. As per usual, when something hilarious happens in the world — people turn it into a meme! Check out the funniest ones of the CR statue fail below:

1. Always.

2. Some people thrive under pressure, other people don’t:


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4. *covers eyes*

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5. Think you’re getting a cute dress? Think again.

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6. Not to be mean, but…

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7. So real it HURTS!

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8. There it is!

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9. Looks about right.

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10. Ummmm…

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11. WWYD?

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12. <3

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13. Just smile through it!

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