Celebs So Famous They Have Creepy Pumpkin Stalkers

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If you’ve ever wanted to see the creepiest thing ever, all you gotta do is click that play button above. We’re not exactly sure whether this guy is Selena’s biggest fan or an ax-murderer waiting to find her. Which brings us to his YouTube name, “findingselena”. Yeah, creeper-town. Especially the part where he legit decides on a knife to use and then stabs the pumpkin. Also? This pumpkin looks nothing like Selena, but “A” for effort.
[Selena Gomez Pumpkin Carving]

And what Selena Gomez pumpkin would be complete without a Justin Bieber one by its side? Yes folks, you can officially carve Jelena Jack-o’-lanterns and decorate your entire house/driveway/backyard with them. We’re pretty sure this one took about 17 years to make, which basically means someone started it when JB was a baby.
[Justin Bieber Pumpkin… a Bieb-er’-lantern!]

This one’s a little less creepy and a little more cutesy. Harry Potter pumpky FTW!
[Harry Potter Halloween Party]

Maybe instead of laying in a meadow, Bella & Edward will lay in a pumpkin patch during Breaking Dawn? Yeah, probs not.
[Rob O’Lantern]

It’s Britney, bitch!
[Breathe Heavy]

Which pumpkin’s your fave? Have you ever dedicated your own Jack-o’-lantern to a star? Should Selena probably get a restraining order against that guy? Sound off below.