10 Awesome Halloween Costumes

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We’re obsessing over all things Halloween and are still trying to get all the pieces of our costumes together. So we thought that in case you haven’t even started to think about ideas yet, we would post some of the most creative outfits we’ve ever seen juuust in case you need some inspiration…

Cap’n Crunch
This guy is pretty awesome.

Man in a Cage Costume
We can’t figure out how this costume works, but it looks really uncomfortable.
Guess it would be pretty awesome to have the coolest costume, though.

Uh, so anyone remember the movie BIG with Tom Hanks?
Zoltar is REAL and he’s way scarier now that he can move around.

Inspector Gadget
This homemade Inspector Gadget outfit is so well done
despite how heavy (and dangerous) it looks.

Lichtenstein Painting
This girl made herself look like one of the comic book characters
that Roy Lichtenstein used to paint. Time consuming? Yes. But well worth it.

Spanish Man
We’re confused as to how everything’s situated just looking at it.
But it’s hilar!

Rock, Paper, Scissors
These girls got super creative when they dressed up
as one of our favorite tie-breaker games!

This kid looks AWESOME!
But how is he going to load up on candy in this outfit?

These guys look super excited about their human Tetris game they’ve created.

Clearly we saved the best for last.
We’re sure Ed Sheeran would appreciate

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