10 Cream Contouring Hacks That’ll Completely Change Your Face Shape

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Contouring and highlighting used to be something (basically) only Kim Kardashian was known for, but has since become a step in almost everyone’s makeup routine. Whether you’re looking to slim down your nose or make your boobs look a little bigger, you can use makeup to make a huge difference in your life.

At this point, you’d like to say you’re a contouring and highlighting expert…but are still looking to amp up your beauty routine a little bit. Let us introduce you to the world of cream contouring, something that will quickly become a must-do in your makeup process.

1. There are a lot of different cream contouring products available. Here are some great options:

2. Finding your perfect shade is essential in making your face look flawless.

3. Have the cream contouring product selected? Good! Now we can move on to applying it. Here’s the general outline you’ll be following:



4. Blending is the KEY in this whole process, and using a makeup sponge (like a BeautyBlender) will be super helpful:

5. See? Look how easy it is:

6. A densely packed makeup brush (like any of the Artis Oval brushes) is also a great tool to use:



7. If you’re into ‘baking’ your face, doing it over cream contour and highlight will make it look even better:

8. Contour & highlight sticks are SUPER easy to use and are also great for travel:

8. Cream contouring can COMPLETELY change the shape of your face, but you can also do it more lightly to simply define what you already have.



9. Look at the difference!

10. You can also combine cream contouring with color correcting to make your face look EXTRA flawless.

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