Teen.com Endorses: Crazy, Stupid, Love! 5 Reasons Why You Should See It

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Ok, we know we know, we do a Teen.com Endorses for almost every movie and tell you why you should see it, blah blah blah. But trust us, guys, you like, REALLY need to see Crazy Stupid Love. Sure, Ryan Gosling is shirtless in it and Emma Stone is adorbs, but we’re giving you five other reasons to see the flick, even though there’s actually like, a million. So if the trailer and those thousands of commercials you’ve seen of the movie haven’t convinced you to see it, maybe this will…

Oh, and we also threw in some hot Ryan/Emma pics. Because why the heck not?!

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1. It’s not your typical rom-com. In fact, it’s like, the anti-thesis of rom-com, since the main storyline is about the end of a relationship. But don’t get us wrong; it’s still uber romantic (Ryan and Emma making out!) and super funny (Steve Carell’s one-liners!).
2. It’s relatable. Even though we’re too young to go through a divorce like Steve Carell‘s character does in the flick, there’s another storyline about his kids’ 17-year-old babysitter crushing on an older guy and his 13-year-old son crushing on an older girl. And come on, who hasn’t had that happen once or twice?!
3. Emma Stone is hilarious. Ok, you already knew that. But we literally couldn’t stop laughing during the scene when Ryan and her are in his apartment talking about “doing it.” Also, there’s an ode to Dirty Dancing in this scene that will make you cry and laugh simultaneously.
4. And Ryan Gosling’s OK, too. Kidding. He’s AWESOME! He plays a super suave ladies’ man, Jacob, who’s got all the moves (and lines), and as much as you’ll watch him and be like, “Ew, those girls are falling for that!?” you’ll secretly admit that you’d fall for it, too. He’s just that good-looking.
5. There’s a twist. We’re not giving anything away, but let’s just say that there’s a huge curveball (or two) in the movie that takes this movie from funny and cute to super clever and pretty much genius. And that’s all we’re saying about that.