Here’s How You Already Know the Stellar Stars of Crazy Rich Asians

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crazy rich asians cast background

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Wig-less doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt after seeing the new hit film Crazy Rich Asians. Our wigs were not only snatched but also thrust off our scalps, launched into space and obliterated by asteroids of talent. Yes, the movie is really that good. And TBH, we totally expected it to be.

For starters, it’s based on a super-successful book of the same name and, often times, film adaptations of novels are killer (A.K.A. Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars, etc). Our expectations were high to begin with and the film totally superseded them.

Crazy Rich Asians also has a killer cast! Not only is the flick a huge milestone for Asian representation in Hollywood (which is so long overdue), but has some of our favorite people included. We mean, it stars Awkwafina, so obviously it’s up to par. But what has the cast done in the past? Here’s why you probably know a bunch of the film’s stellar actors…