12 Insane Couples with Absolutely No Chill on Valentine’s Day

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If you are alive in this day and age, you’ve probably, on occasion, wished for someone around you to get some “chill.” It’s fine. We’ve all been there. But, think about it — would the Internet be the Internet we know and love today if anyone was capable of being chill? This is a rhetorical question because, like, of course not — the memes we meme, tweets we tweet and Instagrams we gram would just not be the same if any of us had any chill whatsoever and possessed the ability to not lurk around the web. Particularly on Valentine’s Day. And particularly if you are one half of a couple.

I, personally, absolutely love it when people on the Internet have no chill. This is especially true when it comes to the concept of “Relationship Goals” — and especially, especially true when it comes time for Valentine’s Day. On this day, pretty much everyone collectively loses it. Single people have no chill. Couples who are usually pretty chill lose all of that, too. And couples who had no chill to begin with? Well, they obviously don’t stand a chance — especially when the invoke the Internet. Check out these couples for whom, when Valentine’s Day came around, they lost every modicum of chill they’d previously had. Well, whether they’d had it at all to begin with or not is up for debate — personally, I’m going to go with a hard “no” for most of them — but either way, it’s totally a delight to see:

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