15 Insane Celebrity-Inspired Tattoos You Need to See Right Now

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How hard do you stan for your fave? You may stan quite hard — maybe you write lengthy volumes of fanfiction about their lives. Perhaps you’ve paid upwards of a thousand dollars for a meet-and-greet. Maybe you even comment “mom” or “daddy” on all of their Instagram pictures in the hopes that, somehow, it will make them notice you. But do you stan hard enough to get their face permanently engraved on your body? You know, like, an actual tattoo of a celebrity?

For many people, the answer to this question is actually, “Yes, absolutely. I thought you would never ask.” Tattoos are kind of having a moment right now and, with that, tattoos of celebrities are also proliferating rapidly. You probably heard about that guy who got the Kylie Jenner lip kit swatch tattooed on his arm, but as it turns out, he’s definitely not the only seriously hardcore stan out there. Lots of people have gotten tattoos inspired by other celebrities, so check out these crazy-cool tattoos. Just don’t blame us if you end up really wanting to get Justin Bieber‘s face tattooed on your arm.

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