The 5 Most Obsessed Twihards From All the Twilight Premieres (Pics)

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We all know the effects the cast of the Twilight Saga can have on us everyday people. Between the alleged “vampire attack” during one of the films and the Team Edward/Team Jacob paraphernalia — oh, and let’s not forget the Twi-moms! — the most shocking displays of fandom come out for just about anything Twilight-related. So we expected nothing less for yesterday’s premiere of Breaking Dawn. Some fans camped out for five days straight! But while we did see some incredibly tired dedicated Twihards during this week’s Occupy Twilight (yes, that actually happened), we rounded up the most obsessed acts we’ve seen from all four Twilight premieres. Do you see yourself on here?

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 The Great Wall of Rob[ert Pattinson]
Can you say, Robsessed?

Donning A Bella-on-Her-Wedding-Day Get-Up
Guess it’s no more crazy extreme than kids wearing vamp fangs.

Wow. This girl gives screaming Beliebers a run for their money.

Carlisle Tattoo
Okay, so this wasn’t exactly from a premiere. But we had to include it ’cause out of all the cast members, why Peter Facinelli?!

Autograph Face
The one thing we don’t understand: How did this girl not bring, like, a piece of paper? Or use her shirt? She’s gotta wash her face eventually, ya know.

Have you seen bigger displays of Twilight fandom? Which Twihard do you think’s the most obsessed? It’s a tough call, we know. But you can still try in the comments!