Go Back To Your Childhood With Bright, Fun Crayola Nail Polish

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We all wish we were back in the days when school was just coloring all day! Remember how fun it was to go to your fave box of crayons and pick out the perfect shade? And when your biggest worry was choosing between brick red and magenta? Well, we found a fun way to act like a kid again with these amaze Crayola nail polishes. They’re even scented in yummy flavors like blueberry and green apple!

We kind of especially love the mini 8-pack that has shades like metallic orange, glitter wild strawberry, and robin’s egg blue. And we love how this girl wore different colors on each hand:


But if these bad boys aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other nail trends that the celebs are sporting that incorporate Crayola’s bright colors. Like all these cool nail designs that the celebs posted on Instagram!

Even though the product is pretty new, it’s already got tons of fans on Twitter. @Aashhleey tweeted: “Reliving being a child by buying Crayola‘s new nail polish because it comes in a giant crayon box. #yupim5 #nailpolish” and @MichelleGB13 added: “I need these! Crayola nails it with array of brightly hued nail polishes.”

So, what do you think? Are you ready to go back to your childhood and try out these colors?

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