Unpopular Opinion: Cranberry Sauce Is the Worst Thanksgiving Side Dish

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I have a confession to make. Although Thanksgiving is essentially my favorite Holiday — a day dedicated to food, what could be bad about that? — there is one staple side dish that I CANNOT stand. Cranberry sauce.

Let me back up by saying everything else about Thanksgiving is divine. Turkey? Amazing. Stuffing? PHENOMENAL. Mashed potatoes? Can’t get enough. Gravy? I could bathe in it. Rolls? I’ll take 12. Cranberry sauce? NOT SO FAST.

For some reason, I have never able to enjoy cranberry sauce. And it’s not just cranberry sauce I don’t like, I just don’t like cranberries in general. I’d sooner pass out from dehydration thank drink a glass of cranberry juice. It’s so tart and leaves a weird taste in my mouth! How could anyone enjoy it? And don’t try to fool me, I don’t like any kind of cranberry juice combination in general. (I don’t care how good it tastes, mom, I’m not going to drink it.)

Now, I can see why some people like it. The “sweetness” compliments the savoriness/saltiness of everything else, blah blah blah. Doesn’t do it for me. ALSO, what is up with people who keep it in that gelatinous form? How is that at ALL appealing?



Am I alone on this one? Or do you guys hate cranberries as much as I do? Is there a worse Thanksgiving side dish? Start the debate in the comments section!

(PS, I mean no disrespect to the guys from the Ocean Spray Cranberry commercials, they crack me up.)

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