Two YouTube Gamers in Serious Condition After Being Slammed by Car

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This is seriously terrifying. YouTube gamers Mini Ladd and qwertyJaayy are seriously injured in the hospital after being slammed by a car over the weekend. Craig Thompson, the British YouTuber’s real name, alerted fans about the accident via Twitter shortly after it occurred.

The 22-year-old then posted a short video explaining that he and his friend (and fellow YouTuber) Jason Lopes were crossing the street at a crosswalk when a driver ran a red light, hit them, and sent them flying 40 and 55 feet, respectively. A few hours later, Craig give another update on their condition.

“Update: Very painful last 30 hours but on the mend. Cracked spleen & can’t walk due to the intense swelling. Still waiting to hear about Jay,” he tweeted.

Eventually, the Brit got word about his friend and unfortunately, it was not good news.

“Jay has been unconscious for most of yesterday & in and out of operations. I hope to catch up with him soon. Keep him in your thoughts today.”

Craig was supposed to be released from the hospital yesterday, but doctors decided to keep him longer after he was “screaming with pain most of the night as the pain meds weren’t working.”

Despite being in excruciating pain, the YouTuber is still making sure to keep fans updated on his BFF’s progress, as he has not been on social media since the accident.

“[Jay is] still kept asleep from the operations & they plan on waking him up tomorrow. 2 badly broken legs & a skull fracture. PrayforJay,” Craig wrote in his latest Twitter update.

We are praying that both YouTubers make full, quick recoveries.

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