25 Cozy College Dorm Rooms That’ll Ease the Pain of Going Back to School

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As fun as it’d be to live in one of the dorm rooms seen in movies like Pitch Perfect, or Legally Blonde, let’s be real — no one’s college bedrooms are as epic as what we see on the big screen. But just because the space provided by a university’s residence life committee isn’t as expansive as what we’ve seen in movies and on TV doesn’t mean you can’t take what you’re given and make it epic.

Yes, dorm rooms are small, dingy and a lot of times the opposite of what you’d think to be aesthetically pleasing. But you know what they say — where there’s a will, there’s a way! And lots of students moved into college with a plan to create a transDORMation of epic proportions and OMG did they ever succeed.

Check out some of the most cozy, Intagram-worthy dorm rooms from 2018 college move-in days all over the United States and you’ll get some serious inspo for your own bedroom, whether it’s in your parents’ house or far away from home.