Apparently, Cow Udder Nail Art is a Thing and It’s Weirdly Amazing

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If there’s anything we love, it’s a weird nail-art trend. Whether it’s Okurrr nails or even ultrasound nails, some nail art is just so creepy we can’t look away.

Every day, thousands of videos pop on the Instagram Explore page. And with Instagram’s complex algorithm, the more sensational, the better. That’s why so many beauty accounts create strange looks like wave-emoji brows; they know if it looks weird or crazy, more people will click.

The champion of weird nail art is, without a doubt, @nail_sunny. The Russian-based page has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and it’s no secret why. The content creators post some of the most out-there nail designs in the world, and people just can’t get enough! But when they posted a specific design yesterday, we were shook. They somehow managed to make fake cow udders that SQUIRT MILK. For real, just watch the video:

Some milk ? ? #nailsunnytutorial

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That is some next-level nail art. Although it’s kind of gross, it’s also kind of amazing? TBH, it would be pretty fun to be able to squirt liquid out of your nails. It’s a totally impractical look, but we have to admire the artistry! The cow head is actually incredible, and we wouldn’t mind rocking the classic black-and-white cow print… but we’ll skip the udders.