Favorite Beauty Rebel of the Day: Kat Graham

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A beauty rebel is someone who’s open-minded when it comes to their makeup and style. Someone like Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz and… Kat Graham.

The 23-year-old singer/Vampire Diaries actress is a total risk-taker when it comes to her beauty looks and fashion. One word that’s always used to define her: fierce — even when she’s just strolling outside an airport!



So, how can you mimic Kat’s features? Let’s start with her luscious lips: With COVERGIRL’s new Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm, yours could look just as hydrated and smooth with a hint of sheer, beaut color making your lips look — just as the name suggests — smoochable!



As for the eyes, Kat’s totally pop due to her sky-high lashes. And with the help of COVERGIRL’s new Flamed Out Mascara, you too could have a lash look up to 3x the volume.

Now that you’ve got your go-to guide to getting Kat Graham’s fierce (and beauty rebellious) look, get out there and rock your own moisturized, sheer colored lips and volume-defying lashes!

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