YouTube Beauty Guru Undergoes Major Surgery to Remove Brain Tumor

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When you think of a brain tumor, your mind immediately goes to the worst-case scenario. YouTube beauty guru Courtney Elizabeth, also known as Courtelizz1 online, felt this very way when she got the news that something was growing inside her head.

“I recently, about a month ago, found out I have a brain tumor,” Courtney told her subscribers with tears in her eyes. “It’s really been hard to deal with for me and my family.”

Courtney first knew something was wrong when she heard a weird noise in her ear and then lost the ability to speak and type. This was obviously terrifying, but she felt fine when she woke up the next morning and continued with her day, thinking she was just dehydrated. As time went on, however, she felt increasingly bad and decided to go to the emergency room to get things checked out. What she found out would change her life forever — she had a mass on her brain.

The YouTuber was told she probably had the non-cancerous tumor for five to 10 years, so they’d most likely only have to monitor it from that point on. Unfortunately, another doctor, a neurosurgeon, told her the mass had to be surgically removed because it had the potential to grow and turn into cancer. This news devastated Courtney, but what especially scared her was the doctor’s information about what could go wrong following the operation.

She explained, “There’s less than a one percent chance that I will lose my speech and I will never be able to understand language or talk again. […] There’s a 20 percent chance that my speech is gonna be messed up; it’s not gonna be 100 percent perfect. But it can be fixed with speech therapy.”

The beauty guru had brain surgery on May 8 and, luckily, seems to be doing very well as she recovers.

We wish Courtney nothing but the best as she continues to heal.

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