YouTuber Diagnosed with Brain Cancer Weeks After Doctor Said She Was Fine

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When YouTube star Courtney Elizabeth found out she had a brain tumor a couple months ago, she was obviously terrified. But if there’s one thing that calmed her mind it’s that the doctor told her that the mass was not cancerous, so she didn’t have to worry too much. In fact, their initial reaction was to leave the sucker alone and not remove it. The 26-year-old and her medical team ultimately decided to do the surgery to take the tumor out and thank goodness they did, because what they found was not expected.

She explained in an update video, “I found out I had cancer. I did not know I had it. Everyone told me it wasn’t cancer.”

The beauty guru has grade 3 cancer and is “going to be fine,” luckily. She’ll be undergoing six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, followed by monthly MRIs to make sure the disease is going away.

The girl is slowly but surely recovering from brain surgery, but still has problems with vision, speech, etc., that’ll hopefully resolve with time and the help of a speech and physical therapist.

You can watch Court’s entire explanation below:

We wish Courtney nothing but the best as she fights this awful disease.

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