6 Adorable Couples That Got Married on a Disney Channel Show

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While Disney is getting more and more progressive as the years go on, having a proposal on one of its shows was once a HUGE deal. In fact, the first time it happened was in 2014! Brooks Wentworth asked Jessie Prescott to marry him in one of the OMG-worthy DC moments of all time, and even though fans, critics, etc., couldn’t stop talking about how Jessie would feature the first main character to get married in the network’s history, things didn’t go quite as planned.

The engaged couple made it down the aisle, but Debby Ryan‘s character simply couldn’t say ‘I do’ when the time came. Even though Jessie and Brooks didn’t live happily ever after as husband and wife, other couples on Disney Channel had a different, WAY happier ending. Keep reading to see all the pairs who got hitched with Mickey Mouse as their ultimate witness.