7 Co-Star Couples That Shared Their First Kiss on the Very First Day of Shooting

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A lot of celebrity couples experience their first kiss on set; sometimes, that particular moment is what makes the pair realize that those feelings stirring inside are far from professional. What makes it even more special is that it’s something they can look back on, as it was, most likely, filmed (and put on a huge screen for millions of people to see, making it a little awkward, because it was far from a private moment, but eh).

Channing Tatum reflected on doing that with Step Up. “[Jenna Dewan & I] were basically together on the movie,” he said in a 2014 interview with Redbook. “It’s interesting now, because we can watch it and see; we can go, ‘Oh, wow, that was actually our first real kiss.’ As soon as the movie wrapped, we went back to L.A. and were together, and together ever since — never broken up.”

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters can also relive their first kiss if they want… but it doesn’t sound like they would. “There’s a party scene at the end of the movie [Adult World],” Evan said during an appearance on Chelsea Lately. “And the director’s like, ‘Evan, kiss Emma,’ and it wasn’t scripted and I got really awkward and really weird and forgot what to do, and then I kissed her. It was good, but it was super awkward and so I felt weird about it. So I was like, ‘That was like kissing Cloris Leachman.’ And she was super pissed off.”

What makes that moment probably equal parts special and awkward is when that first kiss between the pair occurs on the very first day of shooting. Like, “Hey, nice to meet you. Let’s make out.” Awk! But, hey, it all worked out, right? At least for a little while. Doesn’t matter the setting — a movie, a TV show, a music video — all these co-stars shared their first kiss on the very first day of shooting, and actually decided to give love a try afterward: