All Your Favorite Co-Stars Who Started Dating in Between Movie Sequels

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Elizabeth Olsen may be one of the newest members of The Avengers, but there are already rumors swirling that she’s dating one of her co-stars. Hot off the success of her first film in the franchise, Avengers: Age of Ultron, there are reports that she’s quietly dating fellow Avenger Chris Evans IRL. The two brought Scarlet Witch and Captain America, respectively, to life on the big screen, yet their budding romance off screen is what has people talking right now.

The National Enquirer (though not always reliable) suggests, “Chris and Lizzie are definitely involved in some kind of ultra-secret romance that’s being kept under wraps while they shoot [Captain America: Civil War]. The attraction between them has been there from day one,” despite their 8-year age gap, her recently called-off engagement to her Very Good Girls co-star, Boyd Holbrook, and his supposed fling with Lily Collins.

If they are giving a relationship a try, then we can add them to the list of co-stars-turned-celebrity couples who started dating in between movie sequels. And, trust us, the list is already longer than you might expect: