Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson Hold Hands After Sex Scandal

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Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are putting the past behind them. Both Bachelor in Paradise contestants said they wanted to work on a friendship following an alleged sexual assault that shut down the reality show for two weeks, and it seems they’re doing that…and MORE.

Corinne and DeMario were seen holding hands and looking quite smitten together at Disneyland yesterday, sparking rumors that they’re more than just friends.

TMZ says the PDA didn’t stop with hand-holding and “[Corinne and DeMario] even kept up the playful cuddling inside It’s a Small World.”

The pair’s canoodling comes just several days after the blonde shut down dating rumors that stemmed from an outing at TAO restaurant in Hollywood.

“I’m really glad [DeMario and I] got to hang out finally and just be our normal selves,” she told Entertainment Tonight after they were photographed hugging outside dinner. “We were just having a good time. We both have big personalities, so [the paparazzi] were like, ‘Oh, hug each other,’ and I just jumped on him. We’re friendly like that. We’re just friends. We’re just moving on past the drama. The fact that I can be back out in the open, without worrying so much about what people are going to say [is great]. I’m so happy me and DeMario are friends again, and I’m just happy that this is all kind of folding up into a nice little box.”

Who knows! The reality television stars could just be friends who like to get a little touchy at times, or, ya know, they could be exploring a romantic relationship. Time will tell, we assume!

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