6 TV Parents We’d Hang Out With

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Will Smith probably coined it best when he sang about how “Parents just don’t understand.” But some of our recent fave shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Glee, prove that sometimes adults kinda do remember what it’s like to be a teen. And these six parents get the award for Coolest TV Mom/Dad Ever…

Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars
We think Ella deserves the Most Understanding Mom of the Year award for trying to calmly deal with Aria’s illegal relationship with her teacher, Ezra. Sounds like Ella knows there’s nothing more appealing to a girl than forbidden love!

Pretty Little Liars, Aria's Mom

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Lily Humphrey on Gossip Girl
Although Chuck has certainly tried his best to get on Lily’s bad side (like when he temporarily cut her off from Bass Industries), Lily has never ceased from loving Chuck. She explained to him in a recent episode that even though he is technically her adopted son, she loves him unconditionally like he was her own. Looks like love is possible even in the most manipulative of families.

Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl

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Burt Hummel on Glee
Burt, a mechanic and sports fan, has never quite understood Kurt. But when Kurt finally gets the courage to come out to him, Burt tells him he loves him no matter what, and that he already knew (after all, Kurt was already asking for sensible heels at age three). He just might be the most supportive dad ever.


Anne and George Juergens on The Secret Life of an American Teenager
When Anne and George Juergens found out their seemingly-perfect daughter, Amy, was pregnant they let her know they still loved her. And when Amy almost puts her baby up for adoption, Anne reassures her that she’ll be a good parent. Amy says she knows she will be because “she has the best mother.” Aww.

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Mrs. “Jennifer” Knight on Big Time Rush
It’s ain’t easy being the mom of a boy band star like Kendall and a witty daughter like Katie. As the only parent of the Big Time Rush gang to make the move to L.A., Mrs. Knight is often the only adult voice for the group. And despite her sweetness, she was able to negotiate for the band against their overbearing manager Gustavo. Don’t mess with Mamma Knight!


Who’s got your vote for coolest TV parent? Who’d we forget? Let us know below in the comments!

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— Kayda Norman