12 Times Celebrities Were Too Cool For You

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Part of the reason we love Halloween so much is because it’s a chance to inhabit someone else’s life for a change. By putting on their clothes or hairstyle or makeup, you assume some of their attitude too. This isn’t just for costume days, though. Take some inspiration from these GIFs showing 12 times celebrities were undoubtedly too cool for you:

When Drake danced with a grandma.

drake dancing

When Lea Michele and Naya Rivera high-fived while hula-hooping.

lea michele naya rivera glee

When Liam Payne picked up Niall Horan in concert and adorable happened.

one direction liam payne niall horan

When Rihanna pretended like she knew what you were talking about.

rihanna realization

When Emma Watson was flawless.

emma watson laugh

When Miley Cyrus rocked a mustache.

miley cyrus mustache

When Jordin Sparks managed to do two spins and a heel kick without tripping on her own feet.

jordin sparks

When Shailene Woodley sniffed her hair in a really suave way
under the guise of flipping her hair.

shailene woodley

When it looked like Austin Mahone was singing to himself.

austin mahone

When Ellie Goulding did a headstand on live television.

ellie goulding headstand ellen

When Dylan O’Brien stealth-scared Tyler Posey.

tyler posey dylan o brien

When Beyonce photobombed the girl who was taking a selfie at her concert.
’twas the ultimate #win.

beyonce photobomb

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