7 of This Year’s Most Controversial and Cringe-Worthy Halloween Costumes

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Controversial Halloween Costumes 2018

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This Halloween, there are quite literally tons of options to choose from when it comes to selecting your costume. For instance, we’re LIVING for dressing up as one of the Incredibles superheroes, Ariana Grande in the “God is a Woman” music video, and even — dare we say it — Yodel Boy. That being said, there are some costumes being sold right now that are simply NOT okay, and by that we mean that they’re actually super controversial.

Whether it’s a poorly executed costume that references politics, or a sexy costume that just shouldn’t be sexy, some costume-makers got it SO wrong this year. Ready for a list of costumes that you definitely should NOT wear on October 31? Take a look at these seven cringe-worthy ensembles.