7 Contouring Mistakes All Makeup Beginners Make

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Of the many things in our current society that we have to thank the Kardashian-Jenner family for — exposing Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna‘s Mannequin Challenge/birthing video, the precious joy that is North West — the most dubiously honorable among them, I think, is contouring. Kim Kardashian did not invent contouring, of course — she merely appropriated it and made it palatable for the masses, as is the case with everything else she and her entire family does — but she may as well have, based on how pervasive the particular kind of Kardashian Kontouring is.

In any case, this kind of contouring (which Kim doesn’t even really use anymore, by the way) can be bad. I do think contouring in general is cool when it’s used the right way, and in moderation, but there is a certain way that it manifests that does not serve anyone well.

So, if you’re still into contouring — whether it’s of the Kardashian variety or otherwise — check out these mistakes all makeup beginners make when contouring:

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