10 Contouring & Highlighting Hacks That’ll Make Even Kim K Jealous

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Kim Kardashian’s harshly contoured cheekbones and super-bright under-eyes have become her signature, but are totally unattainable for the everyday girl, right? Wrong! Contouring and highlighting your face is actually pretty easy, and the dramatic difference that you see will make you never want to stop.

Whether you’re into Kim K’s dramatic look or prefer a more natural, bright glow, here are some of the best hacks that’ll make you a highlighting and contouring pro in no time!

1. Understanding your face shape can really help you contour effectively.

2. Following the E & 3 technique will make contouring much less intimidating!

3. And this is how you decide where to highlight!

4. Place dark colors on what you want to recede, and light colors on what you want to stand out.

Batalash Beauty

Batalash Beauty

5. Use this cheat sheet to help you visualize what you’ll be doing.

6. Choosing the right products can make or break your contouring/highlighting experience. Here are some good ones:

7. Contouring/highlighting isn’t just for your face — you can completely change the shape of your nose, too!

8. And make your collarbones stand out!

9. All skin tones can use the same contouring and highlighting techniques.

10. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Kim Kardashian’s highlighting and contouring guide:

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