Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Pleads Guilty to Crime, But Gets No Jail Time

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It’s been less than two months since Conor Kennedy was arrested for reportedly “throwing approximately four or five punches to the head” of a stranger, but the verdict is already in. The 22-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy will serve no jail time, despite his admitted guilt.

The young man was scheduled to appear in court on February 22, but People claims that Conor, who you probably know as Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend from summer 2012, already pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stemming from a fight he got into at a bar in Aspen, Colorado this past December.

Conor was originally charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly defending a friend who was being harassed for being homosexual. His attorney told CBS News that Conor got physical because his friend was called “the F-word.”

According to reports, a court spokeswoman says Conor’s given a six-month deferred sentence. If he stays out of trouble throughout the duration of that time period, then the plea will be taken off his record. HOWEVER, if he does not stay out of trouble, he could face jail time.

Conor is also mandated to pay a $500 fine, ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol throughout those same six months, plus he is required to write an apology letter to the victim.
Conor makes one of at least 15 of Taylor Swift’s ex-baes: