The Homophobic Reason Why Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Was Arrested

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2016 is definitely going out with a bang (no pun intended). Conor Kennedy, the ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift, was arrested last night after “throwing approximately four or five punches to the head” of a stranger, but not gonna lie — we’re don’t blame him for throwing punches!

The 22-year-old’s attorney told CBS News that his client got physical with two men in an Aspen, Colorado, bar after they allegedly threatened and “called [his] friend the f-word.”

“At about 1:40 a.m. Aspen PD officers were dispatched to Bootsy Bellows,” Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn said in a statement. “They witnessed a fight occurring on the street in front of the bar. Officers tried to separate the two men, who were ‘rolling around on the ground.'”

Conor was charged with disorderly conduct and has to appear in court on February 22.

While the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy is “not liking the attention,” his dad is “happy he stood up for his friend.”

“Conor has always reacted against bullying,” Robert Kennedy Jr. told The Aspen Times. “I’m very sorry it turned into a police incident.”

Authorities say they “are aware of some of those allegations and [are] following up on them.”

“At the moment, there have been no allegations of additional crimes given by witnesses or those involved in the incident,” Linn told the newspaper.

While we obviously don’t condone physical violence, we commend Conor for standing up for his friend and putting a stop to the use of homophobic slurs.
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