Bisexual YouTuber Was Told He is NOT Bi — by His Freakin’ Therapist

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While many YouTubers’ coming-out stories are inspirational and heart-warming, not everyone on the video site has such a good experience. Connor Manning, an openly bisexual YT star who makes videos under the pseudonym AConMann, recently revealed that he was told he was NOT actually bi — by his effing therapist.

In a vid titled “My Therapist Told Me I Wasn’t Bisexual,” the 23 year old explained how his “bisexual identity was put on trial” by a mental health professional who told him he “shouldn’t identify as bisexual.”

“I spent 30 minutes of a therapy session that I’m paying for convincing someone that I’m bisexual enough to be bisexual,” he said.

Although the woman “eventually came around,” it still took Connor quite some time to “convince her” that he did, in fact, identify as bi.

Luckily, the LGBTQ supporter confirmed that the unfortunate “incident isn’t something that’s a massive trauma” in his own personal life, but is deeply concerned by the fact that someone who was supposed to help him shot down his feelings.

“What if I wasn’t okay?” he questioned. “What if I wasn’t very outspoken bi person on the Internet Connor Manning? What if I was someone freshly questioning their sexuality? What if I was me three years ago, when things were really confusing for me? To have someone that’s supposed to be a resource I can trust, someone I can open up to, try and invalidate my identity was really deeply sad to me.”

The video got so many responses that Connor felt the need to post a follow-up vid, this time discussing how sad he felt that many others had similar experiences and also still encouraging them to reach out and get help if needed.

“I will sing the praises of talk therapy until my dying breath. I believe it is so valuable and I have personally gotten so much out of it in my life, but it’s a lot like dating; if you don’t have the right person that you’re seeing, it could be really bad. Please don’t let this convince you that getting help is a wrong choice for you, because it’s not.”

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