Bisexual YouTuber Comes Out For the 2nd Time on YT, This Time as Gender Fluid

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Connor Manning, better known as AConMann online, first came out as bisexual in a YouTube video more than four years ago. Since then, the 24-year-old YouTuber has become an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as helped thousands of people who struggle with their mental health, sexuality, etc. While Connor always pushes self-love and acceptance, you could tell even he was a little nervous to post his latest YT video.

“For the past seven, eight months or so, I very quietly and privately identified as gender fluid,” he stated. “Basically, I don’t feel like a guy most of the time, but it’s not really something that’s a rigid identity for me. I never really felt right referring to myself as a ‘man.'”

Connor then went on to explain that he doesn’t feel like a trans woman, but rather is “somewhere in between.” He also said that, at this point, he’s still fine with people using masculine pronouns to describe him, but has been testing out more neutral words in hopes of one day getting used to using them.

As we mentioned before, CM was visibly nervous throughout the whole vid, an that’s probably because he’s still unsure about his gender identity.

You can watch the full coming-out video below:

We are SO proud of Connor for living his truest life.

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