YouTube Star Forced to Get Surgery After Being Run Over by Car

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YouTube stars put their bodies through a lot to make the perfect video, so getting injured while is pretty much expected. Connie Ella Glynn, better known as noodlerella online, however, was simply walking around her neighborhood when she was — wait for it — hit and run over by a freakin’ car.

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“Oh boy am I a cautionary tail right now,” the 22-year-old captioned the collage. “I got back from San Francisco at about 2pm yesterday then went for a walk outside my flat and managed to LITERALLY GET RUN OVER!!! The car came from the side and knocked me down then the wheel went right over my leg ARGH!!! No matter how old you are or how many times you cross the road you need to be SO VIGILANT! I’m incredibly lucky that only my leg got broken, and I’m counting my blessings honestly! I’ll keep you guys updated over on Twitter as I’ll likely be having an operation today or tomorrow. Stay safe everyone.”

The British YouTuber’s accident happened on Friday, but doctors waited until yesterday to perform the surgery. Unfortunately, however, Connie is still waiting for her broken leg to be fixed because “some life threatening surgeries came in” and they had to put her operation on hold. Luckily, the injury is “a perfect break,” so as long as she stays in bed it won’t get worse as she waits.

Get well soon, Connie!


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