YouTuber Publicly Comes Out After She’s Spotted Kissing Another YT Star

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When YouTube stars making coming-out videos, they are typically pretty big deals. But when YT star Connie Ella Glynn a.k.a. nodlerella decided to open up about her sexuality a few days ago, she wanted the opposite to happen.

“I am bisexual, or pansexual, whatever you want to call it,” the 22-year-old said in a vid titled, My Sexuality (a NOT Coming Out Video). “I consider myself very openly bisexual, to the point where it never occurred to me that I’d need to make a coming-out video.”

But even though Connie finally did address her sexuality in a ‘formal’ way, she doesn’t want people to think it’s a classic coming-out vid, because she doesn’t “remember a time when [she] wasn’t out.”

In fact, the cosplayer never even came out officially to her friends and family, because they’re all aware that sexuality is a spectrum and “it’d be really weird to them” if she sat them down to talk about her love life.

Connie’s video comes just over a week after she and fellow bisexual YouTuber Dodie Clark were seen kissing on Snapchat, which sparked questions about if their relationship is more than just platonic, even though the Brit considered herself “anti-monogamous.”

Ultimately, the British woman wants the YouTube community to stop assuming that everyone is “straight until you make a coming-out video,” even if you “openly talk about the things you do with girls or boys or whatever, online.”

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