7 Musicians Who Recovered from Set Malfunctions Like Total Pros

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With each passing year, it seems like artists continue to try and outdo one another with elaborate tours and unique stage set-ups at their concerts. Nowadays, in order for a concert to be a memorable experience for the fans, the music not only has to sound flawless, but the artists are sometimes required to do some dangerous stunts. In the past, many have incorporated crowd-surfing, acrobatics, fire and other dangerous tricks in an attempt to shock the audience and leave them wanting more. Unfortunately, this means that concert set malfunctions are a huge possibility.

And although concert stunts seem to be getting more elaborate, we can never forget when Michael Jackson exited the stage via jetpack. Fans watched in awe, but apparently even some stunts are just too risky because, as it turns out, it was a stunt double and not Michael Jackson at all!

What we’re getting at is, even though concert sets are constantly checked on to make sure they’re safe for the artists, there have been some unfortunate times when things have gone terribly wrong. Check out these seven artists who handled concert stage malfunctions like total pros!