18 Common Phrases You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Saying Incorrectly Forever

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To put it eloquently, the English language (and language in general, while we’re at it) is weird AF. Sometimes there are several different meanings and spellings for the same word (like their, they’re and there, for example). Sometimes there is one word that is spelled the same but said two different ways (“record an album” versus “that athlete made record time”). And a lot of the time, there are common phrases that everyone says one way that should actually be pronounced very differently. What’s even weirder is that so many people say them one way that it just keeps getting passed down, and never really gets corrected.

Why did people start saying these popular phrases the wrong way? No idea! But isn’t it kind of interesting to think that, years ago, someone grammatically butchered a phrase, and it stuck forever? It is to me! Saying these things the wrong way doesn’t make you stupid or ignorant — it just means you were following social cues rather than the proper English language. I don’t want to sound like your English teacher, but you should make an attempt to start saying these things the right way. It just makes you look smarter! Here are a few common phrases you’ve definitely been saying incorrectly your whole life… and how to actually say them:

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