7 Boy Problems That Happen to Everyone

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Boys — can’t live with ’em, really really don’t want to live without ’em! Even though they’re totally cute and awesome most of the time, we’re pretty sure that everyone can relate to these seven super-common boy problems:

1. He doesn’t like you enough. Like, nearly as much as you want him to.

2. He likes you wayyy too much. And it’s much more smothering and strange than it ever is flattering.

3. He can’t hold a conversation. And ends up boring you to (maybe actual) tears.

4. He’s a terrible texter. And you end up spending most of the conversation waiting for him to respond.

5. He’s your good friend’s ex-boyfriend. AKA, according to Girl World, he’s off-limits, no matter how into him you are.

Mean Girls Ex Boyfriends Off Limits

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6. Your parents hate him. Which will make dating him anyway a nightmare.

7. He doesn’t like your friends. So that definitely puts a damper on all of those double-date plans you’d created in your mind.

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