Comic-Con 2013: Asa Butterfield & Hailee Steinfeld Talk ‘Ender’s Game’

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Comic-Con 2013 Ender's Game Panel

The cast of Ender's Game, including Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, hit up Comic-Con 2013, and we were right there to see and listen to all the action. Although we've already been graced with the movie trailer, a sneak peek inside the battle room and, most recently, character posters, it's a whole 'nother experience to hear what the film's lead talents have to say about EG coming to life. Hailee revealed to the audience, "Something I loved about the project as a whole was the fanbase."

Of course the stars and movie creators couldn't get away without discussing the latest matter of LGBTQ community boycott over Ender's Game author Orson Scott Card's homophobic rants. Co-Producer Roberto Orci handled the controversial inquiry with grace, explaining that the studio used the backlash to defend LGBTQ rights, and emphasized that the story's about tolerance, empathy and compassion.

Peruse through our gallery of pictures from the event below. (SIDE NOTE: May we just comment on how stunning Hailee looks with her beautiful bun and fiery lip color?) Then tell us, on a scale of 1-5, how anxious are you to see Ender's Game (in theaters November 1)?

Want more? Check out this clip of "Mazer Rackham's Run" featuring Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff!

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