2013 Comic-Con: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Live Blog!

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Comic-Con 2013: Catching Fire Live Blog

It's the time of Comic-Con 2013 all dedicated Tributes have been waiting for: the Catching Fire panel! And, as we've been doing for all of the biggest films of the year, we'll be live-blogging the panel for the sequel to The Hunger Games. Keep on checking back for the latest!


2:41 PM – It's over!

2:40 PM – Second thoughts on trailer: We see Finnick for one second. We really need to see more of Sam in this role to form an opinion. Arena looks good. Looks like they rise up into water on blocks, Jennifer is extremely upset, obviously because of what just happened before that scene. Katniss/Gale kiss looks good. Haymitch looks like he dyed his hair even lighter.

2:36 PM – We get to see the trailer again!!!!

2:34 PM – Liam: "You grow so much and learn so much from a guy like him." On working with Francis. Josh says, "When you do a big movie like this, it gives you the relationships to do the small movies." Says he wants to direct and produce as well. Jennifer: "I love having the balance. You have a lot more opportunities. These movies are great for that."

2:31 PM – Jennifer on whether she starved herself for first film. "No. We didn't. But the good thing about these movies is that you never have to go to the gym. They're so physical. So no, we didn't diet at all. No, there was no dieting."

2:17 PM – Jena reveals that she had to be let in on all the cast's inside jokes and that she got pranked "every day" and that Willow Shields was the best prankster.

2:14 PM – Jennifer jokes after the trailer… I don't remember any of that!

2:13 PM – WE HAVE NO WORDS. Trailer was epic. Quarter Quell opening ceremony and interview. Chariot scene. Arena scene, Katniss diving into the water. AMAZING!!!!

2:10 PM – The trailer!!!

2:07 PM – Hilarious moment where Josh talks about how Peeta's feelings for Katniss are still strong, but now he knows it was all an act. Jennifer interrupts him, "It was complicated." Josh says. It was an act!

2:06 PM – They're all out on stage. "My life is very different now. She's struggling from PTSD from the games. She has a new life where she doesn't have to worry about food… and that leaves her feeling useless in an odd way. Also, she's now experienced something with Peeta… they'll only understand each other in a strange way. Peeta understands a part of her that Gale never will." – Jennifer

2:03 PM – Introducing the movie now!!!

1:54 PM – Made it into Hall H! Cannot wait for the Catching Fire panel to start!!!

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